Where to go in 2017? 12 best destinations for each month of the year
21.12.2016 BY Kseniia
If you're currently in the middle of choosing a new exciting destination to discover in 2017, here I am with my calendar of the best places for each month of the year. Because the right weather is obviously at least 50% of your good emotions while traveling.
How we moved to New Zealand (and how much it costed us)
18.09.2016 BY Kseniia
Sorry for being to lazy to translate this giant post... We normally don't behave like that, but this time allowed ourselves a little relax, cause this article is about the documents and steps you need to take to move from Russia to New Zealand with a student visa. We are pretty sure it's not an issue for you, is it?:)
How do backpackers travel in New Zealand
03.09.2016 BY Kseniia
Everything in New Zealand is quite new to us, everyday is full of surprises and discoveries. The fact that their’s way new culture of traveling and now boarders for people from over the world will be definitely way harder to digest. Here is one of the most amazing and unusual experiences I’ve ever had!
What to bring (or not to) to Alfa Future People this weekend
21.07.2016 BY Kseniia
We're about to leave for Alfa Future People 2016 and because of being too cold last year, this time I decided to pack in advance and to share my ideas about what to pick with you.
Road trip: 4 cool auto routes to take this summer
11.04.2016 BY Kseniia
There is probably no better way to explore a country, than while riding through it by car. The more honest, non-touristic people, places and events, the easier you can say, that you've really visited and understood this place. I asked 4 of my friends to tell what, where and how should you see from a car window.
Budget way to see Europe: Lux Express buses
08.02.2016 BY Kseniia
How to travel for free? 11 cool ideas
14.01.2016 BY
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