Blogger, influencer, brand ambassador - who has what it takes
21.06.2017 BY Kseniia
How to be not only a successful online writer, but also a cool influencer and ambassador I asked Anne Buttar - the creative mind behind Wonderland Firm, PR and social media agency based in Wellington.
7 mistakes you possibly can make as an amateur photographer
23.03.2017 BY Alex
Everyone starts from zero and it is a huge work to become a hero at some point. To inspire you to make first steps in this long way to being a pro photographer I will share with you my thoughts about common amateur mistakes. And hopefully, you will have an opportunity to avoid a lot of them.
How to be a successful blogger, if you don
18.01.2017 BY Kseniia
Kate lives and works rurally, over 800 km from Tauranga and even more - from Auckland. But it never stopped her from being a guest of New Zealand Fashion Week, collaborating with Wrangler and being remarkable and successful local blogger in general.
7 tips for beautiful photos of yourself for those who travel solo
16.06.2016 BY Kseniia
You can't even imagine how happy I become after the comments like "What a luck it is to always travel with a photographer" on a photos from my solo trips:) Yes, many of my Instagram (@thestylejungle) pictures I do by myself. And now I want to share my experience, ideas and even mistakes.
TSJ Gadgets: what cameras to use for video and photo production
03.02.2016 BY
Tips&Tricks: how to write in blog when you actually want to sleep?
13.12.2015 BY
Tips&Tricks: what should bloggers know about business meetings. A short course for those who prefer to stay alone
02.09.2015 BY
Tips&Tricks: how to use Hello,Blogger platform
08.03.2015 BY
Do you really need DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ for your blog?
16.02.2015 BY
Tips&Tricks: Do you need to link outside the blog?
25.01.2015 BY
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