Austrian skiing resorts: Bad Gastein
04.12.2016 BY Kseniia
Who knew, Austrian Alps would be so familiar but so new at the same time. No matter, if you're in love with the mountains like me or didn't have a chance to become a fan yet, while visiting Europe's most skiing country, you will definitely discover all the advantages of winter holidays.
Celebrating sport and water season: Traektoria FEST in Kaluga
25.06.2016 BY Kseniia
My report about the water sports festival "Traektoria FEST" in Kaluga, that we visited together with my sister. I really love SUP-serfing and SUP-yoga, they actually were the reason we took the early morning train and went to Kaluga.
Formula-1 in Sochi with Martini
12.05.2016 BY Alex
During this May holidays I had a chance to visit one of the most valuable sport events in Russia - Gran-Prix Formula-1. This weekend is not just about the rides, but also about thousands of different concerts, parties, shootings, celebs and that incredible atmosphere.
"Gorky Gorod" in Sochi - one year since
23.04.2016 BY Kseniia
All about favorite mountains, you can never get enough of, about hotel breakfasts, when the bright sun makes you cry, about silly games till the sunrise, about the money, lost somewhere on the slopes, about so delicious, but really unglamorous grilled food, about friends, whom you're ready to go anywhere with.
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Feliz feat. theStyleJungle about summer sports
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#RUNSUPYOGA in Barcelona: a little backstage
29.05.2015 BY
#RUNSUPYOGA in Barcelona: the coolest girls all in one place
15.05.2015 BY
How to choose snowboarding clothes (and why to - in March)
17.03.2015 BY
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