What to bring (or not to) to Alfa Future People this weekend
21.07.2016 BY Kseniia
We're about to leave for Alfa Future People 2016 and because of being too cold last year, this time I decided to pack in advance and to share my ideas about what to pick with you.
The best beauty products for the tropical vacation
19.05.2016 BY Kseniia
So, Singapore nightclubs and Malay islands - be ready for an invasion of red, exfoliating, puffy Russians. Not that I do not believe in our natural beauty, it's just that most of the people do never think in advance if they will need any additional skincare for a tropical holiday.
Third New Year prize: Chanel eyeshadow palette
27.12.2015 BY
The second New Year gift: Escada Joyful Moments perfume
14.12.2015 BY
Wonderful beauty-idea only for theStyleJungle readers! Be the first to try new cosmetics
26.02.2015 BY
Add to collection: working, but expensive face creams
08.02.2015 BY
Clarins discounts for shopping!
12.10.2014 BY
Perfect nude: my favorite foundations
21.09.2014 BY
10.08.2014 BY
My own very special moment
17.04.2014 BY
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