Where to go in 2017? 12 best destinations for each month of the year
21.12.2016 BY Kseniia
If you're currently in the middle of choosing a new exciting destination to discover in 2017, here I am with my calendar of the best places for each month of the year. Because the right weather is obviously at least 50% of your good emotions while traveling.
15.01.2015 BY
CUT at 45 Park Lane - for those, who is good in meat
10.01.2015 BY
When it was still warm: London Next.com.ru presentation outfit
20.12.2014 BY
"Aristocats" by Paul&Joe Sister and Disney
27.11.2014 BY
Not like anywhere else: London
23.11.2014 BY
Next.com.ru spring-summer 2015 collection presentation in London
09.11.2014 BY
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