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18.03.2017 BY KSENIA
Four days ago vegan cafe The Nourished Eatery launched awesome deal - 30 coffees for $30. For some people it might be a perfect reason to fall in love with this cafe. Though it's definitely worth it, cheap original coffees are not the only reason to love it, trust me. And here are some more!
10.03.2017 BY ALEXEY

It is always good to have friends. But it’s even better to have friends who can give you a car for a test-drive. And thanks to the Universe we have friends like that. And these guys from BMW Russia gave us this beautiful and very powerful baby BMW M235i. This car can make your life more colourful and positive. And maybe more adventurous and risky. So let’s move to the review of this amazing BMW M235i.

Meet Olivia. She is 19 and she is a full-time artist for the last three years with her pictures being sold everywhere from New Zealand to, my God, Alaska. That's what I call an inspiration!
01.03.2017 BY ALEXEY
Now when March is here we are starting to summarise some summer points. And why not to do a digest of our vlogs? There are heaps of them on our Youtube channel and if you missed some episodes - this is the right time to have a look. And if you have only discovered our vlogs... Maybe you should ask your employer a day off and buy popcorn. You have a lot of good footage to watch.

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