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20.07.2016 BY KSENIA
To have the best vacations in Morocco I would recommend to stay at Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay. And not only because that is exactly what I did:) There are may more reasons, trust me!
I'm afraid we won't get any sun in Moscow during this weekend, so let's look for another options to gain some positive mood. How about participating in our last competition in a "hair care + notebook" series?
I still have a lot more emotions and photos from the other points to share. So be ready for some details:) I hope, this article will also be useful for those planning to go to the Black Sea by car.
I try to remember every detail of a journey that became really special to me and wait impatiently for the moment when something will click in brains and I will understand that that was not just another beautiful country, not just a city I would recommend others to visit, but a unique experience that will make me happy each time I will think about it later. Krasnodarskij region is exactly like that

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