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04.12.2016 BY KSENIA
23.11.2016 BY KSENIA
Can hardly believe only one day left before we hit three months of living in New Zealand! So today I want to share my personal pluses and minuses of living abroad.
The one thing we definitely couldn't miss posting about is the recent earthquake that happened in New Zealand this week.
This place, known not only as a hometown for many Russian Empresses, but also as a city where the most famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin lived and studied, is equally fabulous for those eager to learn more about the history of the world's largest country as well as for those who are just looking for a picturesque place to have a walk and take a couple of remarkable Instagram pictures.

Maybe you have noticed some changes at our blog's structure. Main menu now has new section #TSJinKIWILAND, which is all about our life in New Zealand. And we also started new series of vlogs at YouTube channel where you can find a lot of different videos about this beautiful country.

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