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20.10.2016 BY KSENIA
15.10.2016 BY KSENIA
If Petergof was a country, it would have been world's fifth smallest country. It means, the territory of this ensemble is 24 times bigger than Monaco! And all these belonged to the single person. How crazy is that?
11.10.2016 BY KSENIA
If occasionally you find yourself too bored after several long days of sunbathing (like it's even possible!), there is still something for a change. And that is the Historic Village on 17th street.
Thanks to we got a chance to have a look at yet another corner of this spectacular country - a couple of weeks ago we visited Wellington, world's most Southern capital.
If you ever felt alone, lost or buried under a pile of important, but so unfamiliar and scary documents, while staying in a new country, then you're definitely not an NTEC student! With the great pleasure I'm showing you the photos of the place where we're going to spend nearest year. Exited?

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